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A partnership that generates knowledge!

The ewi partnership program offers diverse ways to get involved and profit from the knowledge of energy market experts.

Why do our partners support us?

Diligence, efficiency and accuracy - characteristics that make academic work by EWI and ewi ER&S stand out, which is our daily aspiration. To this purpose, we work on themes relevant to the energy economy using cutting-edge methods and create transparency in the political debate surrounding complex energy issues. Additionally, we offer partners access to our expertise, from participating in choosing our research topics through to personal contact with our academics.

Which possibilities does the partnership program offer?

There are two possible formats for cooperation. These are:

  • Topic Partner and
  • Knowledge Partner

Which thematic networks are there?

Thematic networks combine our partners' substantial, thematic interests. At network meetings, EWI and ewi ER&S academics receive practical input for their research - for example, current themes and issues from our partners' circles - for which the institute then provides studies. Network members can also provide relevant issues for EWI workshops. There are networks for the following themes: "Decentralised Generation”, “Natural Gas” and “European Electricity Market".

What is a "topic partnership"?

Topic partners can take part in one of the three networks and help choose the topics for the network study and participate in deciding the content focus of a workshop. Further services can be found here.

Which advantages does the "knowledge partnership" offer?

Knowledge partners can take part in all three networks, helping choose the topic for all three network studies and participating in deciding the content of all workshops. Further services can be found here.

You are interested? Please contact:

Mrs. Melanie Tillmann
Society of Benefactors
Alte Wagenfabrik
Vogelsanger Str. 321a
50827 Cologne, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)221.277 29-235
Fax: +49 (0)221.277 29-400