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Independent and international

Scientific research represents EWI's core activity. Based on our maxim, 'Science first', we are committed solely to academic independence and the highest international scientific standards. Our research concentrates on energy economics and related fields. Typically, this includes industrial, environmental and regulatory economics, energy trading, and analyses based on complex energy economic simulation models.  

Our research includes theoretical work, empirical work, and work using simulation techniques.  We often benefit from the interaction with our reports and consultancy projects, which help us to identify the relevant research questions.

Energy Economic Research

Our research is concentrated on topics like energy economics and adjacent areas. Typically, the research of the Institute of Energy Economics works on topics like industry- environmental- and regulatory economics.  

We are working on fundamental, methodological and apllied energy economic questions. We benefit from our close cooperation with ewi Energy Research & Scenarios because they are excellent in the field of applied research. They are helping us to generate reports and advisory projects and they are experts in the identification of relevenat questions in the field of energy economics.

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