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Ob in Fachzeitschriften oder als Monografien, ob als Studien oder Working Paper: Die Veröffentlichungen sind der Leistungsausweis eines Forschungsinstituts. Zugleich stellen sie den Beitrag der Forscher zur wissenschaftlichen Debatte dar.

Auf diesen Seiten haben wir unsere Publikationen aller Kategorien zusammengestellt – in vielen Fällen mit Download-Möglichkeit. Einige davon finden sich auch in der Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft (ZfE), die seit mehr als 30 Jahren von EWI-Forschern herausgegeben wird.

Werden Sie Partner!

Our unified and systemic approach to the energy economy is one of our greatest strengths. This research approach is the foundation of our academic work. ewi ER&S analyses enable a profound, nuanced understanding of the energy markets and their possible development paths. Political and economic policymakers in Germany and Europe regularly use our analyses as the basis for energy-related and political decisions.

The Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI) and the "knowledge factory" ewi Energy Research & Scenarios (ewi ER&S) both work independently and according to academic principles. We are reliant on solid core funding in order to ensure academic work of the highest level. Such core funding can only be guaranteed by a group of strong partners. The bigger the group, the more relevant issues ER&S is able to tackle and the wider and more diverse the basis for an intensive exchange between research and practice can be.

As part of a long-standing tradition, some 40 members of our promoter's association support EWI, and now ewi ER&S too, by ensuring the essential core funding of the associations. A partnership programme is also open to both promoter's association members and other interested organisations and companies, offering the opportunity to discuss specific issues with academics.


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