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Working Papers (in cooperation with ewi Energy Research & Scenarios)

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How Does Climate Change Affect Optimal Allocation of Variable Renewable Energy?
Jakob Peter
February 2019 [WP 19/03]

Fukushima and German Energy Policy 2005 - 2015/2016
Christian Growitsch, Felix Höffler
January 2019 [WP 19/02]

The Role of Electricity in Decarbonizing European Road Transport - Development and Assessment of an Integrated Multi-Sectoral Model
Broghan Helgeson, Jakob Peter
January 2019 [WP 19/01]


Multi-unit multiple bid auctions in balancing markets: an agent-based Q-learning approach
Johannes Viehmann, Stefan Lorenczik, Raimund Malischek
December 2018 [WP 18/03]

Optimal Allocation of Variable Renewable Energy Considering Contributions to Security of Supply
Jakob Peter, Johannes Wagner
August 2018 [WP 18/02]

Distributed Generation in Unbundled Electricity Markets
Johannes Wagner
Juni 2018 [WP 18/01]


Reliable Electricity: The Effects of System Integration and Cooperative Measures to Make it Work
Simeon Hagspiel
Dezember 2017 [WP 17/13]

Economic Analysis of Price Premiums in the Presence of Non-convexities - Evidence from German Electricity Markets
Martin Paschmann
November 2017 [WP 17/12]

Leveraging the Benefits of Integrating and Interacting Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy Resources
Martin Paschmann
Oktober 2017 [WP 17/11]

Explaining Electricity Forward Premiums - Evidence for the Weather Uncertainty Effect
Frank Obermüller
September 2017 [WP 17/10]

Build Wind Capacities at Windy Locations? Assessment of System Optimal Wind Locations
Frank Obermüller
September 2017 [WP 17/09]

The Impact of Advanced Metering Infrastructure on Residential Electricity Consumption - Evidence from California
Martin Paschmann, Simon Paulus
September 2017 [WP 17/08]

Reliability in Multi-Regional Power Systems - Capacity Adequacy and the Role of Interconnectors
Simeon Hagspiel, Andreas Knaut, Jakob Peter
August 2017 [WP 17/07]

Natural Gas Transits and Market Power - The Case of Turkey
Simon Schulte, Florian Weiser
Juli 2017 [WP 17/06]

Decoding Restricted Participation in Sequential Electricity Markets
Andreas Knaut, Martin Paschmann
Juni 2017 [WP 17/05]

Tender Frequency and Market Concentration in Balancing Power Markets
Andreas Knaut, Frank Obermüller, Florian Weiser
Januar 2017 [WP 17/04]

Competition and Regulation as a Means of Reducing CO2 Emissions: Experience from U.S. Fossil Fuel Power Plants
Christian Growitsch, Simon Paulus, Heike Wetzel
Januar 2017 [WP 17/03]

Price Volatility in Commodity Markets with Restricted Participation
Andreas Knaut, Martin Paschmann
Januar 2017 [WP 17/02]

Turkey's Role in Natural Gas - Becoming a Trasit Country?
Istemi Berk, Simon Schulte
Januar 2017 [WP 17/01]


Grid Investment and Support Schemes for Renewable Electricity Generation
Johannes Wagner
October 2016 / August 2017 [WP 16/08]

When Are Consumers Responding to Electricity Prices? An Hourly Pattern of Demand Elasticity
Andreas Knaut, Simon Paulus
August 2016 [WP 16/07]

Offering Energy Efficiency under Imperfect Competition and Consumer Inattention
Christian Tode
Juli 2016 [WP 16/06]

Supply Chain Reliability and the Role of Individual Suppliers
Simeon Hagspiel
April 2016 [WP 16/05]

How to Sell Renewable Electricity - Interactions of the Intraday and Day-ahead Market Under Uncertainty
Andreas Knaut, Frank Obermüller
April 2016 [WP 16/04]

Innovation in Green Energy Technologies and the Economic Performance of Firms
Jürgen Kruse
Februar 2016 [WP 16/02]

Innovation in Clean Coal Technologies: Empirical Evidence from Firm-Level Patent Data.
Jürgen Kruse, Heike Wetzel
Februar 2016 [WP 16/01]


Solar and Wind Deployment: A Comparison of Experiences in Germany, California and Texas.
Facts and brief analysis.
Marc Oliver Bettzüge, Christina Elberg, Felix Höffler, Jakob Peter
Dezember 2015 [WP 15/09]

Germany's Wind and Solar Deployment 1991 - 2015.
Marc Oliver Bettzüge, Christina Elberg, Felix Höffler, Jakob Peter
Dezember 2015 [WP 15/08]

The relevance of grid expansion under zonal markets.
Joachim Bertsch, Tom Brown, Simeon Hagspiel, Lisa Just
Dezember 2015 [WP 15/07]

Regulation of non-marketed outputs and substitutable inputs.
Joachim Bertsch, Simeon Hagspiel
Dezember 2015 [WP 15/06]

Is an inefficient transmission market better than none at all?
On zonal and nodal pricing in electricity systems.
Joachim Bertsch
September 2015 [WP 15/05]

How Technological Potentials are Undermined by Economic and Behavioural Responses - The Treatment Effect of Endogenous Energy Efficiency Measures.
Helena Meier, Christian Tode
Juni 2015 [WP 15/04]

Congestion management in power systems - Long-term modeling framework and large-scale application.
Joachim Bertsch, Simeon Hagspiel, Lisa Just
Juni 2015 [WP 15/03]

Assessing Market Structures in Resource Markets - An Empirical Analysis of the Market for Metallurgical Coal Using Various Equilibrium Models
Stefan Lorenczik, Timo Panke
Mai 2015 [WP 15/02]

A Test of the Theory of Nonrenewable Resources - Controlling for Exploration and Market Power.
Raimund Malischek, Christian Tode
Mai 2015 [WP 15/01]


Investigating the Influence of Firm Characteristics on the Ability to Exercise Market Power - A Stochastic Frontier Analysis Approach with an Application to the Iron Ore Market.
Robert Germeshausen, Timo Panke, Heike Wetzel
Dezember 2014 [WP 14/17]

The Law of one Price in Global Natural Gas Markets - A Threshold Cointegration Analysis
Sebastian Nick, Benjamin Tischler
November 2014 [WP 14/16]

The Future of Nuclear Power in France: An Analysis of the Costs of Phasing-Out
Raimund Malischek, Johannes Trüby
November 2014 [WP 14/15]

CO2 abatement policies in the power sector under an oligopolistic gas market
Harald Hecking
September 2014 [WP 14/14]

Two-Period Resource Duopoly with Endogenous Intertemporal Capacity Constraints
Istemi Berk
Juli 2014 [WP 14/13]

Energy prices, technological knowledge and green energy  innovation: A dynamic panel analysis of patent counts
Jürgen Kruse, Heike Wetzel
Juli 2014 [WP 14/12]

Cross-Border Effects of Capacity Mechanisms in Electricity Markets
Christina Elberg
Juli 2014 [WP 14/11]

An Illustrative Note on the System Price Effect
of Wind and Solar Power - The German Case

Cosima Jägemann
Juli 2014 [WP 14/10]

Modeling Strategic Investment Decisions in Spatial Markets
Stefan Lorenczik, Raimund Malischek, Johannes Trüby
April 2014 [WP 14/09]

Regionale Verteilungswirkungen des Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetzes
Christian Growitsch, Helena Meier, Sebastian Schleich
April 2014 [WP 14/08]

Households Facing Constraints. Fuel Poverty Put into Context
Ute Dubois, Helena Meier
Februar 2014 [WP 14/07]

Quantity-setting Oligopolies in Complementary Input Markets - the Case of Iron Ore and Coking Coal
Harald Hecking, Timo Panke
Februar 2014 [WP 14/06]

A note on the inefficiency of technology- and region-specific renewable energy support - The German case
Cosima Jägemann
März 2014 [WP 14/05]

Capacity Mechanisms and Effects on Market Structure
Christina Elberg, Sebastian Kranz
Februar 2014 [WP 14/04]

The Hidden Cost of Investment: The Impact of Adjustment Cost on Firm Performance Measurement and Regulation
Sebastian Nick, Heike Wetzel 
Februar 2014 [WP 14/03]

Who Benefits from Cooperation? - A Numerical Analysis of Redistribution Effects Resulting from Cooperation in European RES-E Support
Michaela Unteutsch 
Januar 2014 [WP 14/02]

Redistribution Effects Resulting from Cross-Border Cooperation in Support for Renewable Energy
Michaela Unteutsch
Januar 2014 [WP 14/01]


The Economic Inefficiency of Grid Parity: The Case of German Photovoltaics
Cosima Jägemann, Simeon Hagspiel, Dietmar Lindenberger
Dezember 2013 [WP 13/19]

The Underestimated Contribution of Energy to Economic Growth
Robert U. Ayers, Jeroen C.J.M. van den Bergh, Dietmar Lindenberger, Benjamin Warr
September 2013 [INSEAD Working Paper]

Promotion of Electricity from Renewable Energy in Europe post 2020 - the Economic Benefits of Cooperation
Michaela Fürsch, Dietmar Lindenberger
August 2013 [WP 13/16]

Price Formation and Intertemporal Arbitrage within a Low-Liquidity Framework:
Empirical Evidence from European Natural Gas Markets

Sebastian Nick
August 2013 [WP 13/14]

The Effect of Weather Uncertainty on the Financial Risk of Green Electricity Producers under Various Renewable Policies
(Überarbeitete Fassung von WP 13/04)
Stephan Nagl
Juli 2013 [WP 13/15

Port Competition and Welfare Effect of Strategic Privatization
Achim Czerny, Felix Höffler, Se-il Mun
Januar 2013 [WP 13/13]

Investment Coordination in Network Industries: The Case of Electricity Grid and Electricity
Felix Höffler, Achim Wambach
Juni 2013 [WP 13/12]

Spatial Dependencies of Wind Power and Interrelations with Spot Price Dynamics
Christina Elberg, Simeon Hagspiel
Juni 2013 [WP 13/11]

Flexibility in Europe's Power Sector - an Additional Requirement or an Automatic Complement?
Joachim Bertsch, Christian Growitsch, Stefan Lorenczik, Stephan Nagl
Juni 2013 [WP 13/10]

Cost-Optimal Power System Extension under Flow-Based Market Coupling
Simeon Hagspiel, Cosima Jägemann, Dietmar Lindenberger, Tom Brown, Stanislav Cherevatskiy, Eckehard Tröster
Mai 2013 [WP 13/09]

Supply Disruptions and Regional Price Effects in a Spatial Oligopoly - an Application to the Global Gas Market
Christian Growitsch, Harald Hecking, Timo Panke
Juni 2013 [WP 13/08]

The Costs of Power Interruptions in Germany - an Assessment in the Light of the Energiewende
Christian Growitsch, Raimund Malischek, Sebastian Nick, Heike Wetzel
April 2013 [WP 13/07]

The Impact of Ownership Unbundling on Cost Efficiency: Empirical Evidence from the New Zealand Electricity Distribution Sector
Massimo Filippini, Heike Wetzel
Februar 2013 [WP 13/06]

The Value of Information in Explicit Cross-Border Capacity Auction Regimes in Electricity Markets
Jan Richter, Johannes Viehmann
Februar 2013 [WP 13/05]

Prices vs. Quantities: Incentives for Renewable Power Generation - Numerical Analysis for the European Power Market
Stephan Nagl
Februar 2013 [WP 13/04]

The Sledge on the Slope or: Energy in the Economy, and the Paradox of Theory and Policy
Reiner Kümmel, Dietmar Lindenberger
Februar 2013 [WP 13/03]

What Drives Natural Gas Prices? - A Structural VAR Approach
Sebastian Nick, Stefan Thoenes
Januar 2013 [WP 13/02]

Incomplete Information in Cournot Oligopoly: The Case of Unknown Production Capacities
Jan Richter
Januar 2013 [WP 13/01]


The Economics of International Coal Markets.
Moritz Paulus
Kölner UniversitätsPublikationsServer [Link]

The Economics of Renewable Electricity Market Integration.
Marco Nicolosi
Schriften des Energiewirtschaftlichen Instituts, Bd. 70

Congestion and Redispatch in Germany. A Model-Based Analysis of the Development of Redispatch.
Ariette Nüßler
Schriften des Energiewirtschaftlichen Instituts, Bd. 69

The Economics of Natural Gas Infrastructure Investments. Theory and Model-Based Analysis for Europe.
Stefan Lochner
Schriften des Energiewirtschaftlichen Instituts, Bd. 68

A Cost-Efficient Expansion of Renewable Energy Sources in the European Electricity System.
Christiane Golling
Schriften des Energiewirtschaftlichen Instituts, Bd. 67

Die Ökonomik unterschiedlicher Ausbaudynamiken erneuerbarer Energien im europäischen Kontext. Eine modellbasierte Analyse.
Ralf Wissen
Schriften des Energiewirtschaftlichen Instituts, Bd. 66


Natural Gas in Road Transportation - A Low-emission Bridging Technology?
Hanna Wang-Helmreich, Stefan Lochner
Oktober 2011 [WP 11/14]

Transport and CO2: Productivity Growth and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the European Commercial Transport Industry
Lisann Krautzberger, Heike Wetzel
September 2011 [WP 11/13]

German Nuclear Policy Reconsidered: Implications for the Electricity Market
Michaela Fürsch, Dietmar Lindenberger, Raimund Malischek, Stephan Nagl, Timo Panke, Johannes Trüby
September 2011 [WP 11/12]

Energy and the State of Nations
Dietmar Lindenberger, Reiner Kümmel
September 2011 [WP 11/11]

A methodology to estimate security of supply in electricity generation: results for Germany until 2030 given a high level of intermittent electricity feed-in
Moritz Paulus, Katharina Grave, Dietmar Lindenberger
September 2011 [WP 11/10]

The economic value of storage in renewable power systems - the case of thermal energy storage in concentrating solar plants
Stephan Nagl, Michaela Fürsch, Cosima Jägemann, Marc Oliver Bettzüge
August 2011 [WP 11/08]

Ownership Unbundling of Gas Transmission Networks - Empirical Evidence
Christian Growitsch, Marcus Stronzik
Juli 2011 [WP 11/07]

Understanding the Determinants of Electricity Prices and the Impact of the German Nuclear Moratorium in 2011
Stefan Thoenes
Juli 2011 [WP 11/06]

Spatial Dependence in Wind and Optimal Wind Power Allocation: A Copula Based Analysis
Oliver Grothe, Julius Schnieders
Mai 2011 [WP 11/05]

Nations as Strategic Players in Global Commodity Markets: Evidence from World Coal Trade
Moritz Paulus, Johannes Trüby, Christian Growitsch
Juni 2011 [WP 11/04]

DIMENSION - A Dispatch and Investment Model for European Electricity Markets
Jan Richter
Juli 2011 [WP 11/3]

Market Structure Scenarios in International Steam Coal Trade
Johannes Trüby, Moritz Paulus
April 2011 [WP 11/02]

Civil Unrest in North Africa – Risks for Natural Gas Supply?
Stefan Lochner, Caroline Dieckhöner
April 2011 [WP 11/01]


Simulating Security of Supply Effects of the Nabucco and South Stream Projects for the European Natural Gas Market
Caroline Dieckhöner
Dezember 2010 [WP10/07]

Scenarios for an Energy Policy Concept of the German Government
Stephan Nagl, Michaela Fürsch, Moritz Paulus, Jan Richter, Johannes Trüby, Dietmar Lindenberger
Dezember 2010 [WP 10/06]

Have Prices of Internationally Traded Steam Coal been Marginal Cost based?
Johannes Trüby, Moritz Paulus
Oktober 2010 [WP 10/05]

Global Steam Coal Supply Costs in the Face of Chinese Infrastructure Investment Decisions
Moritz Paulus, Johannes Trüby
September 2010 [WP 10/4]

Efficiency Effects of Quality of Service and Environmental Factors: Experience from Norwegian Electricity Distribution
Christian Growitsch, Tooraj Jamasb, Heike Wetzel
August 2010 [WP 10/03]

The Renewable Energy Targets of the Maghreb Countries: Impact on Electricity Supply and Conventional Power Markets
Bernhard Brand, Jonas Zingerle
Mai 2010 [WP 10/02]

Wind Power Integration, Negative Prices and Power System Flexibility – An Empirical Analyses of Extreme Events in Germany
Marco Nicolosi
März 2010 [WP 10/01]


Nodal Prices, Capacity Valuation and Investments in Natural Gas Markets – Overview and Analytical Framework
Stefan Lochner
Dezember 2009 [WP 09/02]

Risk Premiums in the German Day-Ahead Electricity Market
Johannes Viehmann
September 2009 [WP 09/01]


Analyse von Grenzkostenpreisen im Europäischen Gasmarkt
Stefan Lochner, Caroline Dieckhöner
Dezember 2008 [WP 08/05]

Cointegration of Output, Capital, Labor, and Energy
Robert Stresing, Dietmar Lindenberger and Reiner Kümmel
August 2008 [WP 08/04]

Leistungsvorhaltung auf Regelmärkten. Excel Add-in, Beschreibung und Anleitung
Martin Lienert
Juni 2008 [WP 08/03]

Cost Shares, Output Elasticities, and Substitutability Constraints
Reiner Kümmel, Jörg Schmid, Robert U. Ayres, Dietmar Lindenberger
April 2008 [WP 08/02]

Monetäre Bewertung der Netzzuverlässigkeit für eine effiziente Qualitätsanreizregulierung
Carina Merz
Januar 2008 [WP 08/01]


Anmerkungen zur aktuellen Diskussion zum Merit-Order Effekt der erneuerbaren Energien
Ralf Wissen, Marco Nicolosi
September 2007 [WP 07/03]

From Russia With Gas – An Analysis of the Nord Stream Pipeline's Impact on the European Gas Transmission System with the TIGER-Model
David Bothe, Stefan Lochner
September 2007 [WP 07/02]

Bestimmung der Zahlungsbereitschaft für erneuerbare Energien mit Hilfe der Kontingenten Bewertungsmethode
Sven Christ, David Bothe
Mai 2007 [WP 07/01]


Erdgas – sichere Zukunftsenergie oder knappe Ressource?
David Bothe, Andreas Seeliger
Dezember 2006 [WP 06/02]

Modelling Start-Up Costs of Multiple Technologies in Electricity Markets
Felix Müsgens (mit L. Kuntz)
Mai 2006 [WP 06/01]


Forecasting European Gas Supply – Selected Results from EUGAS Model and Historical Verification
David Bothe, Andreas Seeliger
August 2005 [WP 05/01]


Market Power in the German Wholesale Electricity Market
Felix Müsgens
Mai 2004 [WP 04/03]

Die Europäische Erdgasversorgung im Wandel
Andreas Seeliger
Februar 2004 [WP 04/02]

Measuring the Economic and Ecological Performance of OECD Countries
Dietmar Lindenberger
Januar 2004 [WP 04/01]


On Growth and the Direction of Technological Change
Dietmar Lindenberger
Juni 2003 [WP 03/03]

Service Production Functions
Dietmar Lindenberger
Mai 2003 [WP 03/02]

Angebotsoptionen für den europäischen Erdgasmarkt: Ausgewählte Ergebnisse des Modells EUGAS bis 2025
Andreas Seeliger
Januar 2003 [WP 03/01]