Energiewirtschaftliches Institut an der Universität zu Köln

Society of Benefactors

Since its inception in 1943, scientific research at EWI has received support from the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Energiewirtschaftlichen Instituts an der Universität zu Köln e.V.
The aims of this sponsoring body are solely and directly not-for-profit and scientific, and concern, in particular, the promotion of science and research in the field of energy economics by the institute set up at Cologne University. The Society of Benefactors is not exerting any influence on the scientific work or consultancy work of EWI.   

It therefore feels committed to the principles that the politician and energy economist, Fritz Burgbacher, the main instigator of EWI, in the founding days of the institute. "It must be absolutely clear that science and research is free from any condition, except the matter itself. Practice will set tasks for the Institute without pre-empting the solution. The Institute will work, research and teach," Burgbacher stated in his inaugural address on May 3, 1943. 

At present, Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Energiewirtschaftlichen Instituts an der Universität zu Köln e.V. has around 40 members, chiefly private and public companies and associations. New members are always welcome and should apply to the management.

The Society of Benefactor's main task is to support the Institute financially. The company is committed, for example, to the annual EWI/F.A.Z.-Conference, to the Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft and the Pool of Sponsors, as well as the Institute's further events. 

At the same time, it is committed to creating and maintaining links between teaching staff, students and graduates of energy economics, and sponsors and partners outside the university. These goals include the expansion of relationships between science and practice, and the creation of a forum for an increased exchange of experience between them. 

The following people sit on the society's board: 

  • Dr. Marie-Luise Wolff Hertwig, Managing Board Entega AG (President) 
  • Sven Becker, Managing Director Trianel GmbH (Vice President)
  • Barbara Schädler, Communication & Public Affairs E.ON (Vice President) 
  • Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Bettzüge (Director of the Institute)
  • Prof. Dr. Felix Höffler (Director of the Institute)
  • Prof. Dr. Wolf Ketter (Director of the Institute)

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