The TIMCO model simulates long-term developments in the worldwide plant coal markets until 2030 whilst taking into account global interdependencies.


Client: International Energy Agency (IEA)

IEA Market Report Series: Coal 2018

Client: GIZ

Workshop „Long-term Electricity System Planning“ for the Moroccan research pool ESMA
In the frame of this project funded by GIZ Morocco, ewi ER&S prepared and held a capacity-building workshop for Moroccan professors and members of the ministry of energy with the title "Introduction To Long-term Electricity System Planning“. The workshop was part of a study-trip by the Moroccan Research-Pool „Energy Systems Modeling and Analysis (ESMA)“. The goal of the Research-Pool ESMA and GIZ Morocco is to foster a local energy-system modeling community in order to support the political decision making process for the Moroccan energy transition and decarbonization pathway based on local competence. The workshop consisted of modules on different modeling techniques for investment and dispatch models in the energy sector, on scenario definition and interpretation as well as on the political decision making processes based on modeling studies.

Client: International Energy Agency (IEA)

IEA Coal 2017 Market and Analysis Report

Client: British Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Fossil Fuel Price Projections Expert Panel: Final Report
The BEIS Fossil Fuel Price Assumptions for 2017 present low, central and high assumptions for the wholesale prices of oil, gas and coal for the UK out to 2040. ewi ER&S managing director Dr. Harald Hecking was part of an external expert panel that reviewed the assumptions in an additional report.

Client: International Energy Agency

Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2016

Funding by British Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Fossil Fuel Price Projections Expert Panel

Client: ewi ER&S

Economic Impacts of a German Coal Phase-Out on the Power Markets in Germany and the EU
With the study „Economic Impacts of a German Coal Phase-Out on the Power Markets in Germany and the EU“, ewi ER&S takes up a proposal made by the German think tank Agora Energiewende in January 2016 concerning a coal phase-out in Germany. The proposal suggests a combination of two policy measures for the power sector. First, it encourages an early decommissioning of the German coal-fired power plants up to 2040 and, secondly, a retirement of emission allowances from the European emissions trading system in the amount of the mitigated CO2 emissions resulting from the coal phase-out. Based on ewi’s power market model DIMENSION, the study investigates the additional costs and distributional effects of this double-measure for the German and European power markets. The coal phase-out is assessed by economic theory and its projected costs are compared to the amount of CO2 abated.

Funding by British Department of Energy & Climate Change

DECC 2015 Coal Price Scenarios – Peer review

Client: International Energy Agency

Medium-term Coal Market Report 2015

Client: International Energy Agency

Medium-term Coal Market Report 2014

Client: International Energy Agency

Medium-term Coal Market Report 2013

Auftraggeber: Internationale Energieagentur

Medium-term Coal Market Report 2012

Client: International Energy Agency

Medium-term Coal Market Report 2011

Working Papers

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