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Webinar Series with Cornwall Insight: Australian Hydrogen Forums

Webinar Series with Cornwall Insight: Australian Hydrogen Forums

April 14 | Cornwall Insight and EWI are running a new series of ‘Market insight’ webinars. The webinar provides an introduction to hydrogen and Australia’s potential role in a global hydrogen economy. Technological and economic aspects of production and export of low-carbon hydrogen in Australia will be discussed.

This series of Market Insight webinars is essential for anyone needing an introduction to the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, covering technological, economic and regulatory aspects, with a focus on business models, revenue streams and case studies.

The first session of our hydrogen workshops will focus on technologies for hydrogen production and on transport infrastructure. We will explore the hydrogen supply chain, analysing the key opportunities and challenges of grey, blue and green hydrogen. The main use cases of hydrogen for industry, mobility and heating will also be presented.

Designed for:

Investors keen on understanding hydrogen’s use cases and business models
Energy practitioners looking for a well-rounded and in-depth introduction to the hydrogen economy
Areas of focus:

Session 1: An introduction to the hydrogen supply chain – April 14
Session 2: Financial and regulatory aspects of the hydrogen economy – September 29
Session 3: Business cases – April 13 (2022)