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E-mobility and digital energy – Webinar Series with Cornwall Insight

E-mobility and digital energy – Webinar Series with Cornwall Insight

April 27, 2021 | Cornwall Insight is partnering with the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI) to offer a series of three webinars on e-mobility and digital energy. The two-hour sessions will discuss e-mobility trends across Europe, the challenges and opportunities for energy and mobility sector convergence with a focus on electric vehicle (EV) smart charging developments in the UK. Our experts will also present insight on business models including Virtual Power Plants, workplace charging management and interoperability.

This series of Market Insight webinars is essential for anyone needing an overview of the rapidly evolving e-mobility and smart charging landscape across Europe.
Designed for:

Investors keen on understanding e-mobility and digital energy use cases and business models
Businesses active in the e-mobility and smart charging values chain

Areas of focus:

Session 1: The electrification of mobility – Status quo and outlook – 23 February
Session 2: Towards large-scale EV adoption and integration – 23 March
Session 3: Business models and the new smart charging value chain – 27 April