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EWI offers on-the-job training about Smart Energy

EWI offers on-the-job training about Smart Energy

November 2019 until April 2020 | Cologne | In cooperation with the Business School of the University of Cologne, EWI offers an on-the-job training about “Smart Energy”. This Smart Energy Certificate Programme examines the complex role digital transformation plays in energy production, distribution and consumption. It also offers practical frameworks for devising a sophisticated deployment strategy.

Core elements of digitalisation in the energy transition – demand flexibility methods like dynamic pricing, virtual power plants and smart city management – are approached from a technical as well as systemic angle. From the role of big data and machine learning in real-time digital energy transactions to anticipating the influence of regulatory changes and data privacy developments on consumer behaviour, the programme prepares participants to lead digital transformation inside their organisations.

Our Certificate Programme is designed for managers with at least three years of experience in disciplines in which energy and digitalisation play an increasingly important role. Participants will acquire the knowledge and strategic view needed to inspire a productive approach to getting the most value out of smart energy in their own organisations.

The program contains of 5 modules that can be booked separately as well. Please find detailled information here.