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Long-term simulation model for the European power market

DIMENSION is a simulation model for the European power market. Currently, the model covers 28 countries with all generation and storage technologies.

DIMENSION is a simulation model for the European power markets. The model forecasts the future development of power plants as well as storage capacities. In doing so, the model estimates the cost-minimizing dispatch as well as necessary capacity additions and reductions of various technologies. In particular, the deployment of renewable energy sources is considered within a cost-minimizing framework, taking into account the surrounding political circumstances.

The years to be simulated and the temporal resolution can be freely specified. Currently, DIMENSION covers 28 countries, which for the most part coincide with the EU28. The individual power plants and storage capacities of these countries are characterized in the regularly updated ewi ER&S databank.

Possible Applications


Price forecasts

DIMENSION provides forecasts for the day-ahead, the intra-day and the electricity balancing market as well as network tariffs, EEG apportionment and other price components.

Asset valuation

DIMENSION acts as an asset valuation and decision support tool regarding investment decisions for assets such as power plants and storage systems.

Strategies for grid expansion and regulation

DIMENSION allows the calculation of optimal grid expansion and its impacts on power markets. Additionally, various congestion management mechanisms, redispatch, zonal pricing as well as nodal pricing can be analyzed.

Middle- and long-term scenario analysis

DIMENSION enables the analysis of the variation in political framework (CO2 trading, support mechanisms for renewables and combined heat and power, …) for middle- and long-term scenarios.