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Market Optimization for Electricity with Redispatch in Europe

The MORE model optimises the total costs of the electricity generation system and can depict grid restrictions.

MORE (Market Optimization for Electricity with Redispatch in Europe) optimizes the European power system, taking into account conventional power plant dispatching, storage usage, and the European electricity trade with respect to generation from renewable energy sources.

The model covers all connected European markets and North Africa. The size of the spot, balancing and redispatch markets may be selected freely and independently from one another. By default, 8760 hours of individual years are covered using an hourly temporal resolution. However, the model can be adjusted to accommodate finer temporal resolutions.

Power plants can be modelled based on single units or aggregated categories with respect to capacity, region or technology. Technical
restrictions such as minimal down time, state-dependent efficiencies, start-up restrictions, etc. are considered.  Combined heat
and power (CHP) is modelled via a specific heat demand per power plant unit. Moreover, it is possible to allocate CHP plants to the
respective district heating grids.

Possible Applications

Regulatory framework

  • Effect of temporal differences between wholesale and balancing energy markets
  •  Analysis of the impact of alternative geographical market designs

Investigating conventional power plants

  • Analysis of full load hours
  • Yearly ramping cycles per power plant type
  • Value of efficiency improvement measures

Analysis of grid congestion

  • Yearly redispatch requirements and the associated
  •  Analysis of regional security of supply and grid