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Precise Simulation of European Gas Flows

The TIGER model is a market model of the European gas infrastructure. It simulates daily gas flow within the European gas market, including production, pipeline transport, liquid gas imports and gas storage. 

TIGER is a simulation model of the European gas supply. The model is an excellent tool to analyze trade flows of natural gas under the restrictions of current or future gas infrastructure. TIGER simulates pipelines, natural gas storages, LNG regasification terminals and the corresponding interdependencies while minimizing total system costs. The results can be derived on a monthly or daily basis. Currently, 40 countries are considered in TIGER. The European infrastructure data is stored in the geocoded data base of ewi ER&S and is updated on a regular basis. Based on the geocoded information, a fast visualization of results is possible.

Highly detailed modelling of the European infrastructure is possible with TIGER as it accounts for

•     40 countries in Europe or neighboring Europe, represented by more than 600 nodes
•     More than 900 pipeline sections between nodes
•     More than 200 natural gas storages with type specific injection / depletion profiles
•     More than 30 existing and potential LNG import terminals

Furthermore, long-term contracts as well as entry-exit tariffs between hub regions are included in the model.

Possible applications

Infrastructure Occupancy Rates

TIGER simulates the economically optimal physical and traded natural gas flows. Based on the optimal flows, existing and potential bottlenecks in the pipeline grid can be identified. Furthermore, the usage of natural gas storages and LNG terminals is included in the model output.

Scenario Analyses addressing Security of Supply

TIGER enables analyses examining the security of supply on the European natural gas markets. For instance, unforeseen developments such as a cold spell or the failure of a supplier or of an infrastructure element can be simulated. The effects on the gas supply can be quantified.

Price Estimators

One output of TIGER is the relative price estimators of
European gas hub prices. Price differences in space and
time can be consistently derived.