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“Doing Business in Germany”: EWI (virtually) hosts students from all over the world

“Doing Business in Germany”: EWI (virtually) hosts students from all over the world

March 24, 2021 | EWI researchers inform students about coal exit, the role of synthetic fuels and the integrated energy transition in Germany. 

EWI was pleased to digitally host a dozen MBA students from all over the world as a part of the program Doing Business in (DBiGermany, coordinated by the International Relations Center (ZIB) for the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo-Faculty) at the University of Cologne.  

DBi Germany is a 12-day program offered exclusively for (E)MBA students from partner universities of the University of Cologne, designed to offer insights into the German energy sector. The program includes cooperation with a wide range of institutions and companies, combining academic and practical content as well as allowing students to gather first-hand information about current challenges and prospects in different German industries.

Meetings with companies and institutions

For the fifth consecutive year, EWI had the pleasure of contributing to the DBi Germany seminar on energy economics, which took place between March 1st and March 12th, 2021The group consisted of students from four different countries (Russia, India, South Africa and the United States), studying at universities around the globe. EWI Director Professor Marc-Oliver Bettzüge kicked-off the program with an overview of the German and European energy landscape, while EWI researchers Michael Wiedmann, Broghan Helgeson and Max Gierkink held lectures on key topics in the German energy sector including the coal exit, the role of synthetic fuels and the integrated energy transition in Germany. Through interviews in smaller groups, the students were able to dig deeper into the individual topics with the respective EWI experts.

Within the two-week program, the students were able to (digitally) meet with many companies and institutions in the German energy sector including the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, RWE, Arge Netz, Climeworks, Deutsche Energieagentur (dena) and European Energy Exchange (EEX)On the final day of the program, the students “returned” to EWI to hold presentations that they prepared on the topics discussed with the EWI researchers, integrating insights from their program experiences.