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Alexander Polisadov, M.Sc.

Alexander Polisadov

has been working as a Research Associate and as a doctoral candidate at EWI since 2016. In consulting projects for clients from the industry and public sectors, he has analyzed, e.g., energy scenarios and economic effects of a German coal phase-out on the electricity market. He has advised, e.g., the Federal German Association for Brown Coal (DEBRIV) and the Energy Supplier Oberhausen (evo). His research focus lies in the field of analysis and modeling of electricity markets. Before joining EWI, Alexander Polisadov was an analyst at E.ON Germany and E.ON Russia and worked as an expert for the global power engineering company Power Machines. He completed his studies in Industrial Engineering at Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia) and Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Germany).

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Supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia

Final report of Virtuelles Institut Strom zu Gas und Wärme

The „Virtual Institute Power to Gas and Heat“ (Virtuelles Institut Strom zu Gas und Wärme – VI SGW) is a consortium of seven scientific and technical institutes funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and by the Cluster EnergieForschung of EnergieAgentur.NRW, which together conduct research on flexibility options for the future power-gas-heating integrated system. Alongside in-depth research on innovative technology pathways and energy system transformations, the work presented also includes the construction of a demonstration facility at the “Gas und Wärme” Institute in Essen.
The Virtual Institute submitted the results of its work in five volumes. The Management Summary provides an overview of the results of the research that was carried out in the VI SGW project between 2015 to 2017. Since the results of the cooperation are extensive, the Management Summary is designed to aid the reader in understanding the structure of the analysis and allowing topics of interest to be quickly located within the five volumes. The five volumes of the final report are “Volume I: System and Location Analyses”; “Volume II: Analyses of Technology Pathways”; “Volume III: Accompanying Experimental Research”; “Volume IV: Appendix to Volumes I-III”; “Volume V: Technology Datasheets”.
ewi ER&S is a partner and co-coordinator of the Virtual Institute SGW project, coordinating and contributing to “Volume I: System and Location Analyses” as well as contributing to “Volume II: Analyses of Technology Pathways” and “Volume V: Technology Datasheets”.
The Management Summary and all volumes of the final report can be found on the project’s website via the external link below.

Client: ewi ER&S

Economic Impacts of a German Coal Phase-Out on the Power Markets in Germany and the EU

With the study „Economic Impacts of a German Coal Phase-Out on the Power Markets in Germany and the EU“, ewi ER&S takes up a proposal made by the German think tank Agora Energiewende in January 2016 concerning a coal phase-out in Germany. The proposal suggests a combination of two policy measures for the power sector. First, it encourages an early decommissioning of the German coal-fired power plants up to 2040 and, secondly, a retirement of emission allowances from the European emissions trading system in the amount of the mitigated CO2 emissions resulting from the coal phase-out. Based on ewi’s power market model DIMENSION, the study investigates the additional costs and distributional effects of this double-measure for the German and European power markets. The coal phase-out is assessed by economic theory and its projected costs are compared to the amount of CO2 abated.


Ökonomische Effekte eines deutschen Kohleausstiegs

Harald Hecking, Jürgen Kruse, Martin Paschmann, Alexander Polisadov, Theresa Wildgrube; 2016
In: et – Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, Vol. 66 (11), pp. 27-29.

Consulting Projects

Entwicklung der Kohleverstromung in Europa
Energieszenarien für ein Energieversorgungsunternehmen