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Cordelia Frings, M.Sc.

Cordelia Frings

has been a doctoral candidate at the University of Cologne since 2015 and a research associate since 2016. Since 2020 Cordelia Frings is also an Affiliated Researcher at EWI. In her PhD she is examining the final energy supply for households. Incentives, barriers and preferences are investigated. Her research focus lies in the modelling of optimal technology investment and operation and the decentralised interaction between the power and the heat sector. Before joining EWI, Cordelia Frings studied energy engineering at the RWTH Aachen.

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Client: Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena), Die Allianz für Gebäude-Energie-Effizienz (geea)

Gebäudestudie – Szenarien für eine marktwirtschaftliche Klima- und Ressourcenschutzpolitik 2050 im Gebäudesektor

The Buildings Study (Gebäudestudie), initiated by the members of the Allianz für Gebäude-Energie-Effizienz (geea), provides an economic analysis of the buildings sector. It investigates how the transformation of the buildings sector can be accomplished by an interplay of building shell, installation technology and a changed energy production, to reach an attainment of reducing greenhouse gases by 80% and by 95%. The study was created in the context of the dena-Leitstudie Integrierte Energiewende (Integrated Energy Transition). ewi ER&S is the main economic reviewer of the study, cooperating with FIW and ITG as technological reviewers.


Netzdienliches Flexibilitätspotenzial von Haushalten mit elektrischer Wärmeversorgung

Cordelia Frings, Samir Jeddi, Amelie Sitzmann; 2019
In: et - Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, (Vol. 9), pp. 14-16.

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Impacts of further Single Electricity Market reform and integration on Great Britain and the European Union

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