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Eren Çam, M.Sc. ETH

Eren Çam

is Research Associate at EWI since 2015 and doctoral candidate at the University of Cologne. In consulting projects for clients from the industry and public sectors, he has analyzed developments of the petrol and coal markets, conducted techno-economic analyses of energy storage systems and developed dispatch models for conventional power plants. During his time at EWI, he completed an exchange as a consultant at the IEA, where he contributed to the Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2016 and the Market Series Report: Coal 2017. His research focus lies in techno-economic modeling of energy systems and in the analysis of short-term electricity markets. Before his time at EWI, Eren Çam studied Energy Science and Technology at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and Mechanical Engineering at Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey).



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Curriculum Vitae


Client: Own publication

The Trilateral Gas Talks: What would an interruption of Russian gas exports via Ukraine mean for EU consumers?

Gas supplies are secured for this winter – even if the current negotiations between the EU Commission, the Russian company Gazprom and the Ukrainian company Naftogaz over gas supplies from Russia via Ukraine to Europe should fail. Ten years after the Russian-Ukrainian gas conflict, the current gas supply contract expires at the end of the year. In a study entitled “The Trilateral Gas Talks: What would an interruption of Russian gas exports via Ukraine mean for EU consumers?”, EWI examined how a failure of the negotiations and a resulting interruption of gas supplies, as in 2009, would affect consumers in Europe.

Client: International Energy Agency (IEA)

IEA Coal 2017 Market and Analysis Report

Client: International Energy Agency

Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2016

Client: Stiftung Mercator

Turkey as an Energy Hub

Working Paper

Optimal Dispatch of a Coal-Fired Power Plant with Integrated Thermal Energy Storage

Eren Çam
November 2020

Pricing short-term gas transmission capacity: A theoretical approach to understand the diverse effects of the multiplier system

Eren Çam, Dominic Lencz
August 2020

The Shift in Global Crude Oil Market Structure: A model-based analysis of the period 2013-2017

Istemi Berk, Eren Çam
July 2019


The shift in global crude oil market structure: A model-based analysis of the period 2013–2017

Istemi Berk, Eren Çam; 2020
In: Energy Policy, Vol. 142, July 2020, 11497.

Die trilateralen Gasgespräche

Simon Schulte, Eren Çam, Max Schönfisch; 2019
In: et - Energiwirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, Vol. 69 (12), 2019, pp. 65-66.

Aktuelle Entwicklungen auf den Kohle- und Gasmärkten und ihre Rückwirkungen auf die Merit Order

Harald Hecking, Eren Çam, Max Schönfisch, Simon Schulte; 2017
In: et - Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, Vol. 67 (6), pp. 34-38.

An Economic Assessment of Turkey’s Future Role in European Oil and Gas Supply Security

Istemi Berk, Eren Çam, Simon Schulte; 2017
In: Turkey as an Energy Hub? Contributions on Turkey's Role in EU Energy Supply, pp. 143-186.

Misc Publications

Fabian Arnold, Eren Çam, Dominic Lencz, Simon Schulte, Artem Stopnevich et al; 2020
Data Documentation Erdgas-BRidGE – Input data for modeling the power, building, and gas sector

Consulting Projects

Support for the Review of the Corporate Strategy of an energy trading company
Development of a methodology for assessing future imbalance costs
Wirtschaftliche Bewertung eines Pumpspeicherkraftwerks

Research Projects