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Karsten Schroer, M.Sc.

Karsten Schroer

has been a doctoral candidate at University of Cologne since 2018 and has been working as an Affiliated Researcher at EWI since 2019. He focuses on the role of information systems in the smart energy and mobility system of the future. His particular interest lies in the design of big data-driven decision support applications and smart mechanisms that leverage machine learning and optimization methodologies to facilitate a more sustainable energy and mobility ecosystem. Karsten Schroer holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham and a degree in Industrial Systems, Manufacturing and Management from the University of Cambridge. Before that he was a consultant at a top-tier management consultancy.

+49 221 - 277 29-300


Analyse zukünftiger Elektrofahrzeugnutzung auf Basis von App-Daten

Arne Lilienkamp, Philipp Artur Kienscherf, Karsten Schroer, Max Gierkink; 2020
In: et - Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, Vol. 70 (11), 2020, pp. 53-55.