BaSEF Summer School

BaSEF Summer School
August 14, 2023 | Cologne |

Energy Transition towards Sustainability: Renewable Energies & Energy Market Design – Exchange on the Current Status and Perspectives in Germany and Egypt -14  to 18 August 2023

The summer school aims at bringing together distinguished scholars and young researchers in the field of energy and environmental economics to discuss research advances and relevant policy issues. The program emphasizes intercultural scientific interaction and the exchange of thoughts. It addresses the interface between methodical knowledge transfer and applied research to equip the participants with the essential skill set for contributing to a successful energy transition towards sustainability. We cover a wide range of topics to draw a holistic picture of current global challenges in energy sectors, paying special attention to the energy transition in Germany and opportunities and challenges for Northern Africa, especially Egypt. By doing so, we aim to inspire new research ideas and allow young researchers to develop a global network.

To ensure continuity in the joint research between Egypt and Germany, a subsequent winter school will be hosted in Egypt in the winter term before the end of the year.

The participation of students from the University of Cologne in the Summer School in Cologne enables them to be preferred for participation in the Winter School in Cairo.