EWI Academy

The EWI offers training on current energy topics for companies, politics, NGOs, associations, and ministries.

The EWI has in-depth know-how on current issues, challenges, and trends in the energy industry from its applied research and consulting activities and academic teaching. Within the EWI Academy framework, this knowledge is passed on to experts from the energy sector, industry, and politics in structured training, workshops, and seminars. The training target groups are specialists and executives from the energy industry and politics and other areas and industries, for which an understanding of energy industry interrelationships is becoming increasingly important, such as the and heating industries.

The seminars can be designed individually for you and your priorities, in-house or online, in English or German. The central part of the workshops, besides lectures, is the discussion of your questions with EWI experts. In addition to individually tailored programs, we offer the following seminars, which have already been successfully conducted numerous times:

Energy Management Compact

The workshop series offers an overview of current topics in the energy industry. To this end, the fundamentals of power supply and electricity markets and the most important trends are presented vividly. The workshops take a structured look at the entire value chain of power supply, from generation and trading to grid infrastructure and retailing. Also, participants will learn about regulatory issues in liberalized electricity markets and the most important current developments such as sector coupling, decentralization, and digitalization. Besides, key energy policy issues are discussed with the participants.

The target group for this series is, in particular, lateral entrants and newcomers to the energy industry who would like to gain a compact insight into the most important current topics and a fundamental understanding of the complex economic structures of electricity supply.

The seminar can be held as a block of two days or as a regular event with six dates of two hours each.

Crash course energy scenarios

Energy scenarios are an essential part of the political and scientific discourse surrounding the energy transition. Therefore, a solid understanding of these scenarios is vital for the classification and interpretation of corresponding studies and the subsequent transfer into business or political practice. The EWI has many years of experience in creating and modeling energy scenarios and has been significantly involved in numerous widely cited modeling studies.

Within this workshop series, methodological basics for the creation and modeling of energy scenarios will be taught. The focus will be on a critical examination of central implicit and explicit assumptions and a well-founded interpretation of results. Based on this, the participants will learn which political conclusions can be derived from scenario calculations.

The target group of this series is professionals from companies and NGOs who want to gain an in-depth understanding of the most essential methodological and content-related aspects of energy scenarios and their significance in business and political practice.

The seminar can be held as two half-day sessions or as a regular event with four sessions of two hours each.

Hydrogen economy - challenges and opportunities

Hydrogen as an energy carrier is considered one of the central building blocks for the future energy system. However, the ramp-up of a hydrogen economy is linked to a large number of complex economic issues. This workshop series gives a structured overview of these questions and provides practical answers directly from our research.

To this end, the supply chain of a future hydrogen economy will be presented, and the main opportunities and challenges of gray, blue, and green hydrogen will be analyzed. Based on this, critical questions regarding financing and regulation of the ramp-up are highlighted. Finally, a discussion of possible business models that can be established along the hydrogen economy’s value chain follows.

This series’s target audience is energy industry professionals and investors looking for an in-depth introduction to the hydrogen economy and understanding hydrogen applications and business models.

The seminar can be held as a one-day block or as a regular event with three dates of two hours each.

E-Mobility - Challenges and Opportunities

Electromobility is linking the previously separate sectors of the energy industry and transportation. Along with this new intersection, various challenges and opportunities arise in both the automotive and energy sectors.

This workshop series will provide a structured overview of the most critical issues related to electromobility. The two-hour sessions will explain e-mobility trends across Europe, the challenges and opportunities for the convergence of the energy and mobility sectors, focusing on the development of smart charging stations for electric vehicles. Our experts will also provide insights into business models such as virtual power plants, workplace charging management, and interoperability.

This series’s target audience is energy industry professionals and investors who need an in-depth look at the development of electric mobility and the implications for use cases and business models in the energy industry.

The seminar can be held as a one-day block or as a regular event with three dates of two hours each.