Smart Energy Seminar: Hydrogen in existing energy systems

Smart Energy Seminar: Hydrogen in existing energy systems
September 28, 2021 | digital | David Schlund (Research Associate) talks about the economics of hydrogen and recently published results at the Smart Energy Seminar Series.

In his presentation, David Schlund will talk about these topics:

  • Hydrogen supply chain, corresponding stakeholders and their perceived opportunities and risks
  • Cost comparison of low-carbon hydrogen production technologies
  • Governmental instruments to promote clean hydrogen production and use

Other guest speakers are:

  • Witteveen+Bos – Raphaël van der Velde
  • Stedin Group – Amy van Groot Battavé

The online seminar will is organised by the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) and Clean Tech Delta (CTD) and provides a platform for the research, public and private sectors to discuss economic, social and technological issues around energy decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation (E3D).

Time: 28 September 2021, 15:00 – 17:00
Location: Digital meeting (the link will be sent to the registered participants)
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