Education for Digitalisation of Energy


European Comission, Erasmus+ program


An international consortium of various companies, institutes, and associations


January 2020 until December 2024

A long-term plan for the digitalization of the European energy sector is the goal of the EDDIE research project. As part of the “Alliances for Sector-Specific Skills” funded by the European Commission, current and future skills shortages are being identified. Professional education and training formats are being developed to address these skills shortages. To this end, EDDIE promotes cooperation and exchange between various European training centers, universities, and industrial companies. In this way, a sustainable framework is being developed to enable educational institutions to develop needs-based educational programs for the energy industry.

EWI’s role in EDDIE

In cooperation with the University of Cologne Business School (UCBS), the EWI is developing an “Executive Education” program on Smart Energy and the digitalization of the energy sector. The program will include seminars and case studies, covering, e.g., digital business models, smart energy infrastructure, smart mobility, and data analytics. The program will focus on “management education” in the European region. The EWI is developing the program’s content and structure, which is based on the identified needs. In the implementation of the program, the EWI will also take over lecturing tasks.

Intermediate results