EWI Insights: Security of supply with electricity

EWI Insights: Security of supply with electricity
December 9, 2022 |

The supply situation on the German electricity market was the focus of the latest “EWI Insights” event.

Researchers from the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI) presented results from two recent studies this week as part of the “EWI Insights” webinar series. The main findings from the analysis “Security of Supply to 2030 – Trends and Scenarios in the German Electricity Sector” were presented by Berit Hanna Czock, Senior Research Associate at the EWI. In the period up to 2030, security of electricity supply is not guaranteed in all extreme weather situations, according to the analysis. Crucial factors that are varied in different scenarios include the increasing demand for electricity due to advancing electrification, the decommissioning of fossil power plant capacities, and the speed of expansion of renewable energies.

Gas-fired power generation and security of supply in the coming winter

Afterwards, Senior Research Associate Nils Namockel presented the results of the EWI study “Electricity Generation from Gas in Winter 2022/2023“. Among other aspects, the study deals with possible characteristics of gas-fired power generation and security of supply with electricity in Germany and France this winter. The politically decided short-term increase in secured generation capacity in Germany could slightly reduce gas-fired power generation and electricity prices in Germany and Europe. Key factors influencing the study results are the continued uncertain availability of French nuclear power plants and the return of German coal and oil-fired power plants from reserve.