New Scientific Advisory Board of EWI takes up work

New Scientific Advisory Board of EWI takes up work
November 10, 2020 |

A Scientific Advisory Board composed of seven experts representing complementary fields will offer guidance to EWI in the further development of its research activities.

The Institute of Energy Economics (EWI) at the University of Cologne is now accompanied and supported by a Scientific Advisory Board staffed by prominent field experts. This board will regularly evaluate the status and development perspectives of the institute’s research activities and make recommendations. In addition, it will advise EWI in scientific matters, including questions of strategic value. Another focus of its work is the support of EWI in cooperation within science and interdisciplinary research.

Under the direction of its chairman, RWI President Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Christoph M. Schmidt, the Scientific Advisory Board began its work in a constituent meeting on November 2, 2020. EWI’s Scientific Advisory Board consists of seven renowned experts from different disciplines and thus represents a broad spectrum of expertise in and around energy economics and energy informatics:

  • Dr. Dr. h. c. Christoph M. Schmidt, Professor of Economic Policy and Applied Econometrics at Ruhr University Bochum and President of RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research Essen (Chairman)
  • Dr. Srinivasan Keshav, Robert Sansom Professor of Computer Science at the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Charlotte Kreuter-Kirchhof, Professor of German and Foreign Public Law, International Law and European Law at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and Director of the Düsseldorf Institute for Energy Law
  • Dr. Andreas Löschel, Professor of Microeconomics, in particular Energy and Resource Economics, at the University of Münster
  • Dr. Shmuel Oren, Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of California at Berkeley (USA)
  • Dr. Karen Pittel, Professor of Economics, in particular Energy, Climate and Exhaustible Natural Resources, at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and Director of the ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Resources
  • Dr. Anke Weidlich, Professor for Control and Integration of Grids at the Albert Ludwig University Freiburg, Institute for Sustainable Technical Systems (INATECH)

“We are very pleased that we have been able to win outstanding experts and highly esteemed colleagues for our Scientific Advisory Board,” says EWI Director Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Bettzüge. His colleague Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter adds: “With their international and interdisciplinary expertise, the members of the Advisory Board will support us as the leading research institution for energy economics and energy informatics in Europe.”

“In view of the major challenges associated with the energy system transformation, the research of EWI is not only of high academic interest, but also of considerable relevance to practice,” says Professor Christoph M. Schmidt, Chairman of the Advisory Board. “It is therefore a matter of concern and a pleasure for me to be able to contribute to the further development of research at EWI in my new role”.

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board of EWI were appointed by the Supervisory Board of the Institute for a period of five years. The honorary Scientific Advisory Board meets at least once a year.