Abschätzung zukünftiger Wasserstoffnetznutzungsentgelte

The network tariffs for hydrogen could average around 1.8 cents/kWh in 2045 in a scenario regarding hydrogen demand and hydrogen grid expansion defined by the Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V. (DVGW), according to estimates by the EWI on behalf of the DVGW. Compared to the current network tariffs for natural gas, this would imply an increase of approx. 87% or 0.8 cents/kWh. Depending on how the costs are allocated to the different customer groups, the charges for these groups would vary accordingly. Therefore, two different estimates were considered for the distribution of costs in the analysis.

The analysis examines the hydrogen network tariffs for a specific scenario specified by the DVGW. The assumed developments are assessed against the background of current studies and the influence of the assumptions on the development of network tariffs is discussed.