Geopolitical risks in global hydrogen trade

In the study “H2 Geopolitics – Geopolitical Risks in Global Hydrogen Trade”, the EWI analyses potential geopolitical hydrogen import risks for Germany.

Geopolitical risks that threaten the security of hydrogen supply or could do so in the event of increasing tensions are considered. Geopolitical risks are closely related to a country’s political, economic and social challenges. In addition, bilateral relations between countries interacting in the hydrogen supply chain form another risk dimension.

Country risks are captured in the study by assigning measurable variables for the four identified risk dimensions. Various indicators are used to indicate the identified risk factors. To discuss the geopolitical risks in the global hydrogen trade, four possible countries of origin – Spain, Algeria, Chile and the United Arab Emirates – are analyzed, and their risk potential is compared. Each country has individual opportunities and risks for Germany’s hydrogen import security.