Abschätzung der Netzausbaukosten und die resultierenden Netzentgelte für Baden-Württemberg und Deutschland zum Jahr 2045

The grid fees for electricity could rise by an average of around 14 cents/kWh by 2045, according to estimates by EWI on behalf of ef.Ruhr. Compared to today’s grid utilization fees for electricity, this would mean an increase of around 190%. If the costs were allocated to different customer groups in the same way as today, this would result in correspondingly different charges for these groups.

The analysis examines possible electricity grid utilization fees in scenario 2045B of the Electricity Network Development Plan. The assumed developments are categorized against the background of current studies and a qualitative discussion.

Note: The content highlighted in yellow in the study was prepared by EWI. The investment costs for the expansion of the electricity grid were calculated by ef.Ruhr.