Philipp Theile, M.Sc.

Senior Research Associate

Philipp Theile, M.Sc.

Senior Research Associate

Philipp Theile is a Senior Research Associate at EWI and a doctoral candidate at the University of Cologne. His research focus lies in the fields of energy system modelling with a focus on decentralization and digitalization of energy systems. Before joining EWI, Philipp Theile studied Industrial Engineering with a major in Eletrical Energy Technology at RWTH Aachen University, Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden) and Leibniz Universität Hannover.


On behalf of: Gascade Gastransport GmbH
On behalf of: Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfachs e.V. (DVGW)
On behalf of: Own publication in cooperation with the German Energy Agency (dena)


Published in: Energy, Vol. 249, 5 June 2022, 123664 (available online 11 March 2022).
Published in: Energy & Buildings, Vol. 254, 1 January 2022, 111591 (online 24 October 2021).
Published in: emw, 4/2021, pp. 2-5.
Published in: et – Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, Vol. 70 (3), 2020, pp. 19-22.

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Financial support: Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Energiewirtschaftlichen Instituts an der Universität zu Köln e.V. (EWI e.V.)

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Development of the momentary reserve and estimation of the need for Fast Frequency Response in the European network system

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