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EWI-Energietagung: Jubiläum mit NRW-Ministerpräsident Wüst

EWI-Energietagung: Jubiläum mit NRW-Ministerpräsident Wüst

December 8, 2023 |

Klimaziele und Marktdesign, Resilienz und Finanzierung der Energiewende – zahlreiche Fachleute diskutierten beim 75. Jubiläum der EWI-Energietagung über wirtschaftliche und rechtliche Grundfragen der Energiewirtschaft.

EWI Insights: Investment needs and electricity price package

December 6, 2023 |

The latest event in the “EWI Insights” webinar series focused on investment requirements in the context of the energy transition and the electricity price package from a regulatory economics perspective.

H2Market Index reveals mixed perception of market ramp-up

November 21, 2023 |

To assess the market development of hydrogen in Germany, EWI has developed the H2Market Index, providing insight into the evaluation of stakeholders regarding the market ramp-up.

Better security of gas supply, but no all-clear signal

November 7, 2023 |

The gas supply situation in Europe has eased thanks to LNG imports and declining consumption. However, risks such as weather conditions, LNG availability and gas imports from Russia remain for the winter. This is shown by an analysis of gas volumes and consumption.

Investitionsbedarf: Wichtiges Handlungsfeld für die Energiewende

October 26, 2023 |

Die Energiewende erfordert Investitionen in nahezu allen Sektoren. Das EWI schätzt den entsprechenden Investitionsbedarf für ausgewählte Sektoren in einem Plan-Szenario bis zum Jahr 2030 und diskutiert mögliche Implikationen.

EWI Future Energy Scores compare countries for hydrogen exports

October 23, 2023 |

Germany relies heavily on imports for its hydrogen supply. A new EWI study analyzes the local conditions of more than 80 countries focusing on hydrogen supply security.

Large-scale heat pumps as a lever for municipal heat planning

October 19, 2023 |

Heat pumps are a central component in the shift towards sustainable heating. Due to economies of scale, large-scale heat pumps supplying several residential buildings in settlements or neighborhoods prove to be an efficient decarbonization option.

BaSEF-Project: Analysis of green hydrogen in Egypt

October 6, 2023 |

The project “Building a Sustainable Energy Future” (BaSEF) addresses the importance of green hydrogen in future energy systems. It also focuses on producing and exporting hydrogen in Egypt.

Adjusted GEG amendment: Heat pumps remain essential

September 29, 2023 |

The recently passed GEG could lead to a sharp increase in the absolute number of heat pumps in Germany. Compared with its cabinet draft, however, the installation numbers are lower.

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