Investitionsbedarf: Wichtiges Handlungsfeld für die Energiewende

October 26, 2023 |

Die Energiewende erfordert Investitionen in nahezu allen Sektoren. Das EWI schätzt den entsprechenden Investitionsbedarf für ausgewählte Sektoren in einem Plan-Szenario bis zum Jahr 2030 und diskutiert mögliche Implikationen.

EWI Future Energy Scores compare countries for hydrogen exports

October 23, 2023 |

Germany relies heavily on imports for its hydrogen supply. A new EWI study analyzes the local conditions of more than 80 countries focusing on hydrogen supply security.

Large-scale heat pumps as a lever for municipal heat planning

October 19, 2023 |

Heat pumps are a central component in the shift towards sustainable heating. Due to economies of scale, large-scale heat pumps supplying several residential buildings in settlements or neighborhoods prove to be an efficient decarbonization option.

BaSEF-Project: Analysis of green hydrogen in Egypt

October 6, 2023 |

The project “Building a Sustainable Energy Future” (BaSEF) addresses the importance of green hydrogen in future energy systems. It also focuses on producing and exporting hydrogen in Egypt.

Adjusted GEG amendment: Heat pumps remain essential

September 29, 2023 |

The recently passed GEG could lead to a sharp increase in the absolute number of heat pumps in Germany. Compared with its cabinet draft, however, the installation numbers are lower.

Security of Supply in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2030

September 5, 2023 |

The controllable power plant capacity in NRW is decreasing due to the coal phase-out. In a current study, the EWI examines the security of supply of the electricity system in 2030 from a market and a network perspective.

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