Energiewirtschaftliches Institut an der Universität zu Köln

Neuer Direktor: Professor Dr. Wolfgang Ketter

Zum 1. Februar 2017 hat das EWI einen neuen Direktor: Wir freuen uns Professor Dr. Wolfgang Ketter als neuen, dritten Direktor des Energiewirtschaftlichen Instituts an der Universität zu Köln begrüßen zu dürfen! Er ist Experte auf den wichtigen Gebieten Digitalisierung und Datennutzung. Durch seinen Eintritt erweitert das EWI seine Kompetenzen um den zunehmend bedeutenden Bereich der Digitalisierung
der Energiewirtschaft.

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UoC Forum Project

We completed the project “Market design and regulation for stochastic electricity supply chains”. It was funded as a University of Cologne Forum in the framework of the Excellence Initiative, and aimed at providing answers to relevant yet unresolved problems in the field of market design and regulation of stochastic electricity supply chains by bringing together specific energy market know-how and methods from supply chain management. Moreover, our activities deepened and extended energy-related research activities of the UoC with a sustainable and long-term perspective.

More information: http://www.indecon.uni-koeln.de/en/projects/uoc-forum-energy/

IAEE Best Student Paper Award

Andreas Knaut and Frank Obermüller received the IAEE Best Student Paper Award at the 39th IAEE International Conference with their work on "How to Sell Renewable Electricity - Interactions of the Intraday and Day-ahead Market Under Uncertainty". They investigate the strategic bidding behavior of renewable producers in the sequential day-ahead and intraday market and find incentives for production withholding. The paper can be found here.