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Pool of Sponsors

The pool of sponsors is an initiative of the Institute of Energy Economics at University of Cologne (EWI) in conjunction with the Zeitschrift für Energie Wirtschaft [Journal for Energy Economics] produced by the Vieweg+Teubner publishing house. 

The pool serves to promote contacts between students who specialise in energy economics and companies in the energy sector. It is kept up to date and maintained in contact with professors in German-speaking countries and selected students by EWI. A complimentary subscription to Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft (ZfE) is taken out for students who take part in the pool. Companies and students are able to mutually search in the profiles of pool members enabling them to make direct contact. 

The pool was started in October 2004 with seven energy industry companies. Today, it has around 130 junior members of staff (students, academic researchers, external postdoctoral students) who have been selected by over 30 professors and institute heads in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Online Contact Form  

  • Information through company and student profiles 
  • Research and contact options 
  • Membership of qualified students on the recommendation of university lecturers 
  • Free one-year-subscription to ZfE for student pool members

Company Profiles  

  • Presentation of the companies: business areas, sites, sponsorship programmes etc. 
  • Vacancies: dissertation, internships, trainee programmes etc.
  • Link to the (company) careers pages 
  • Initial contact persons

Personal Profile for Students  

  • Presentation of the course of study: university, program and main areas of study, overseas experience etc.
  • Description of desired position: thesis project, internship, job
  • Contact details: e-mail, telephone, address

For further information, visit Homepage of EWI Pool of Sponsors.


The partner companies of the EWI Pool of Sponsors

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  • EnBW AG
  • PÖYRY Group
  • RheinEnergie AG
  • GASCADE Gastransport GmbH


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